Very explicit sexual images and discussions

Discover the ancient Asian secrets of sexual and spiritual satisfaction.

Can a video make you a better lover? Sacred Love-Making will awaken all of your senses, enrich intimacy, stir spontaneity, cultivate your erotic artistry and turn you on to the most heightened sexual experience… DO try this at home!

Best-selling author and relationship expert, Karinna Kittles-Karsten, introduces ancient Asian love secrets and rituals for deeper sexual satisfaction and emotional connections. Her proven techniques using the inspiring teachings of the Tao guide viewers through Sacred Love-Making experiences in an exquisitively beautiful, breakthrough sexual education DVD. Karinna leads two married couples, into a new world of intimate experience discovering new levels of passion, free communication, deep erotic pleasure and sublime union. Following these two couples at two different stages of different relationships will engage viewers of varying backgrounds with the knowledge to achieve the same intimately satisfying outcomes.

  • This DVD will make a current relationship stronger and sexier
  • Allows viewers to learn satisfying and meaningful ways of connecting and communicating with their lovers
  • Grow closer to your partner emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Learn new ways to excite, arouse and sexually pleasure your partner


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sacred Love an art?

Love becomes a rich and rewarding art form by cultivating Sacred Love skills and talents to enhance the love and intimacy you share in a more passionate, expressive way.

Who does Sacred Love benefit?

Both individuals and couples over 20 who want to have a more fulfilling and satisfying love life.

What kind of relationships does Sacred Love address?

Sacred Love supports individuals seeking a sacred intimate relationship and consenting adults that want to create a more mutually healthy, loving and sexually active relationship. In addition, Sacred Love nurtures and cultivates the intimate relationship you have with yourself.

How will I benefit as an individual?

As an individual you will learn how to cultivate the sacred lover within to increase self-love as well as develop your capacity to enjoy and share greater love and pleasure with your loved one.

If I don't have a partner how can Sacred Love help me?

Sacred Love can help you discover what is holding you back from intimacy and help you discover how to attract the right partner into your life.

How do couples benefit?

Sacred Love offers insights and instruction for couples to increase passion and desire for intimate connection with one another, deepen emotional intimacy, enhance lovemaking and foreplay skills, and enhance loving communication with one another.

Will Sacred Love help me experience greater pleasure?

Individuals and couples experience greater pleasure by learning easy to use breathing methods for increased desire, stamina and sexual healing. Intriguing ancient foreplay rituals and lovemaking techniques expand your possibilities of pleasure with your lover.

Will these techniques help with impotency and frigidity?

The Sacred Love practices address the potential causes behind impotency and frigidity including emotional issues, foreplay habits and pelvic diaphragm strength. Note: This work does not take the place of a medical diagnosis, but can support the treatment that you agree upon with your doctor.

What kinds of techniques are utilized in Sacred Love teachings/products?

Intimate Discussions, Fit for Love Exercises, Ancient Love Rituals, Intimacy Enhancing Meditations, Sacred Lovemaking Practices, Transformational Writing and Artwork. Western principals, mythology, and ancient Taoist methods are all utilized.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an act of inner reflection that can be approached in several ways. Meditation brings about greater awareness, vitality, relaxation and consciousness. The intimacy enhancing meditations presented in Sacred Love may include breathing techniques, visualization and movement.

What is Tao?

Tao is a philosophy and practice of ancient China. Tao utilizes the principles of yin (feminine, receptive energy) and yang (masculine, active energy) and the observation of the cycles of nature to create health, harmony and well-being within the individual, couples, and for the community at large. Taoist principles are the basis of Chinese medicine.

Is Sacred Love a religion?

Sacred Love is not a religion. However, Sacred Love is appropriate and supportive for adults of all spiritual/religious orientations who acknowledge that having a truly sacred union with another is a healthy, natural part of being a whole human being.

Educator’s Biography

Karinna Kittles-Karsten, The Love Educator, is an internationally recognized speaker, best-selling author, and the founder of Sacred Love, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. She has also achieved career success as an international model and actress. Karinna's unique Eastern and Western approach to love, sex, and intimacy based on almost 20 years of study of the intimacy wisdom of ancient China, western psychology, and mythology has helped thousands of singles and couples across the world. She has been a guest speaker at such prestigious organizations as New York University and the Learning Annex as well as at Celebrity A-list events. She has also been featured on Emmy Award-winning television shows such as NBC's Starting Over, dozens of radio and internet blogs, and has given advice on the pages of leading national magazines such as COSMOPOLITAN and SELF.