QuickTime Player 10 on Mac

Offline Screening

Watch the downloaded movie with subtitles offline on Mac using QuickTime 10 and above.

1. Open the unarchived downloaded (unzipped) file (.mov or .mp4) in QuickTime Player 10 (File Menu, Open File).

2. Choose the language of available subtitles (View Menu, Subtitles).

Subtitles on i-Pad, Safari Browser and i-Phone

Online Screening. To watch the film on i-Pad or i-Phone offline, you have to download the film on your Mac, open the unarchived file in i-Tunes, synch the file with i-Pad or i-Phone and choose Videos App on your device to watch the film offline. Read below how to select the subtitles on i-Pad or i-Phone.

Please see the pictures of the interface below (i-Phone and i-Pad). Safari browser will have a variation of the interface on Mac and PC computer.

Subtitles on i-Pad

Subtitles on i-Phone