When the Iron Bird Flies DVD Cover

'When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the earth.' - Guru Padmasambhava of Tibet, 8th century

In 1959, the Chinese invasion of Tibet threw open the doors to the mysterious realm of Tibetan Buddhism. Suddenly, this ancient tradition was thrust out of it's cloistered society into the mainstream of western culture. Fifty years later, Tibetan Buddhist teachers trained in practices nurtured in monastaries and caves in the Himalayas are jetting around the world, presenting the words of the Buddha to rooms full of international lay practitioners who are hungry for a true spiritual path.

When the Iron Bird Flies traces the astounding path of one of the world’s great spiritual traditions from the caves of Tibet to the mainstream of western culture and asks: In these increasingly chaotic modern times, can these age old teachings help us find genuine happiness and create a saner, more compassionate 21st century world?

"A vivid and engaging account of the movement of the Buddha Dharma... Viewers hearts will have been opened and perhaps melted by the uplifint gift of genuine spirituality as it folows from teacher to student in a pattern free of time, showing us teh way to go beyond the suffering and upheavals of our days and years."

Light of Consciousness

“Ver este documental es una tremenda oportunidad para conocer la profunda compasión y valentía de los budistas  tibetanos al enfrentar la realidad de la invasión de su país, y darnos cuenta de como han transformado ese dolor en beneficio para  toda la humanidad… De un modo intimo, comprensible y emocionante la documentalista profundiza en ejemplos biográficos de lo que ha provocado el encuentro con el Budismo Tibetano.”

– Francesca Nilo Gatica, Directora del diplomado Mindfulness, Universidad Del Desarrollo, Santiago de Chile

2012, USA, Victress Hitchcock, 96 min.

A Chariot Documentary Film produced by Victress Hitchcock & Amber Bemak